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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Big Show - The Summer Market

I think most people have NO idea how much work it is to get ready for a show and to sell at a show.  I never did until I actually did it.  That being said, The Summer Market was by far my most successful show, and one that I will look forward to doing again.  The founders of the show, Erin and Kristen, are amazingly talented artists who are also incredibly organized (what an oxymoron, right?) and I am so proud to be affiliated with The Summer Market.  It's no surprise that this show was written up in Flea Market Style magazine as the best in Ohio! Despite huge thunderstorms Friday evening, there were tons of customers on both days. I could also count one hand the number of customers who asked for a better price.  THIS IS UNHEARD OF.

Below are some pics of what I sold, but first a warning that these are not the best pictures; I only had time to do some iphone shots and I was so busy with customers that I didn't even have time to take any full shots of my booth set up.  This is a good problem to have, and next year I know I will be more prepared and will probably hire some help.  I unfortunately didn't even have time to really visit any other booths, and believe me, there were incredible vendors everywhere.

No surprise that I sold my second Union Jack, which is proving to be a great seller:

I also finally sold my blue milk paint dresser to a friend of mine who loved it:

If I didn't sell this buffet, I would have kept it; it was so beautiful! But, it was the first piece I sold.  A lovely elderly woman bought it and I didn't even mind delivering it.  Although it was in good condition when I bought it, a little Annie Sloan chalk paint makes everything better:

I also sold a desk (and a chair that I didn't get a pic of) to an old friend I used to work with.  She was looking for a vintage desk and this was a good fit:

I don't have a pic of the glass topped patio table that went with these chairs, but I am in love with the Waverly fabric I chose to recover the chairs:

I knew this child bistro set would sell and it did to a lovely couple that came in a convertible and therefore couldn't buy anything much bigger than it:

...And many more small items I didn't get a picture of.  It was great to sell and make money, but even more importantly, I love knowing that these items that I have worked on are going to great homes.