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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Get By {with a little help}

It's a VERY busy week for me, getting ready for the first show of the summer.  I've never been afraid to ask for help and I have had quite a bit, especially lately.

My mom/business partner is always helpful.  Whenever I ask for something, she never says no, whether it's cutting out templates for map decoupaging (more on that later) or riding along on a Craig's List hunt.  Thanks, Mommy.  I do not have a solo pic of my mom, but below is a pic of my mom, brother, and me:

I also have to thank my good friends Jen and Heather for being amazing pickers for me; Heather is always on the lookout and even called me from an estate sale this weekend to let me know about a steal of a dresser. Thanks, Jen and Heather Ann!

My neighbor friend Jackie, is an amazing photographer and she recently helped me style a photo to represent my work.  She took the photos and did an incredible job and she did this all for FREE because I let her use some of my vintage items in her photography business.  Below is her photograph and styling. Thanks, Jackie!

And last, but certainly not least, is my gratitude to Mr. Vintage Novella.  I rely the most on his help, and I definitely couldn't do this job without him.  And even when he complains that our three car garage can now fit one car, or that our dining room table is a work table, he still helps me.  Thank you, Honey.  Love you.

Will post pics of pieces for sale later this week!

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