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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hey, It's Not Oak...'s maple.  Which is why I'm painting it.  I don't think I'd paint over oak, but other woods are an option for me.  Understand, I had a grandmother who painted EVERYTHING.  For those of you purists who don't like the idea of painting furniture, stop reading now.  Here is a before shot of a cute little dresser:

Which is fine as it is.  However, I have another vision for her.  All my furniture seems to be female, by the way.  I found her on Craigslist.  A very sweet elderly couple were trying to downsize by getting rid of some belongings.  They told me they bought it used in 1955 when the woman was pregnant with her son.  Can you imagine the stories this piece would tell?  I'm sure this dresser held everything from cloth diapers through bell-bottom jeans.  Yes, bell-bottom.  The term "flare" didn't exist back when this family's son was in high school.

It is a solid piece with dovetailed drawers.  Manufacturers don't make pieces like this anymore.  But I envision a pale paint with clear glass knobs.  A little distressing.  Just wait.  She's going to be beautiful.

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